Inspection Photos

During a typical inspection I will take between 150 and 250+ pictures. I’ve taken as many as 350 pictures of a home and its grounds.  Don’t worry, they don’t all go in my reports.  They’re really mostly for me. These pictures tell a story to me of where I’m at during my inspection and what I’m looking at (both good and bad). On my final review prior to completion of my report, I go through all the pictures taken and they tell me if I’ve left anything out of my report so I can then go back and amend it.


The client only sees the ones I use for the inspection report. But the pictures I include in the report will show them what I saw and with a description attached to that picture of what it is they are looking at and why. Pictures speak volumes to anyone that wasn’t right there with me when I took the picture.


If you’re a Realtor and getting inspection reports with only graphics, just a few pictures, or maybe no pictures at all, you’re doing your client, yourself, and anyone who needs to review that report a disservice. Pictures tell stories.


The pictures below are from various inspections that I’ve completed and they all tell a story that everyone can understand and relate to. These descriptions were written for this web page.